The bean goose was refound this afternoon in the huge Snow Goose flock in
the Savannah Mucklands this afternoon, although it was in the far back and
out of sight for quite some time. It was finally refound but then soon
after took off, seemingly to the north, at 5:50pm. Hard to say what the
prospects are for tomorrow, but I didn't get the sense it was heading back
to Seneca Lake. Checking the Mucklands would certainly be a good strategy,
but hard to say if the bean will return.

On Thu, Mar 10, 2022, 5:22 PM Dave Nutter <> wrote:

> Very cool find!
> Perhaps this is the same bird who was found last March near Saratoga
> Springs.
> Seneca Lake and its drainage are outside the Cayuga Lake Basin, but lands
> not far to the north of Seneca Lake, including some ag fields along Serven
> Road are inside the basin. Please check for it there if you are in the
> area. A view on land may be more satisfying, and it would be great to
> confirm it within the Basin!.
> - - Dave Nutter
> On Mar 10, 2022, at 8:17 AM, Jay McGowan <> wrote:
> Tim Lenz found a TUNDRA BEAN-GOOSE in a flock of Snow Geese off Seneca
> Lake SP in Seneca County last night. The bird was still present for very
> distant views early this morning, then flew north around 7:16am.
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