As a follow up to this post, we hiked Fillmore Glen State Park this morning and 
up high in the gorge, near where the gorge trail crosses there was a very 
interesting Empidonax flycatcher pair. The birds were easily visible hawking 
insects and the song was consistent with an Acadian Flycatcher.  We did use the 
Merlin app to record the song and it also identified it as an Acadian 
flycatcher.  Habitat seems right for it, but I have not seen one in around here 

-Andrew Miller

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The summer season of wandering the NYS parks and forests has started.  On 
Saturday, Steve and I went to Fillmore Glen State Park.  The gorge trail is 
open again, after being partially closed for the last couple of years.  One of 
our beautiful parks in the Finger Lakes - a lovely creek and waterfalls running 
through a hemlock-shaded gorge. Birds, mostly heard, but not seen in the dense 
foliage: red-eyed vireo, many black-throated green warblers, an occasional 
black-throated blue warbler, chickadees and juncos; special bird was a 
blue-headed vireo.
Birding trip followed by a visit to Prison City Brewing in Auburn; excellent 
food and beer with outdoor dining.

Today we headed up to Hammond Hill State Forest.  Again, birds mostly heard but 
not seen: about equal numbers of black-throated blue warblers and 
black-throated green warblers, chickadees, wood thrushes, hermit thrushes, oven 
birds, robins, a scarlet tanager, and a field sparrow near the bench 
overlooking the field close to Star Stanton. Usually I hear a raven in the 
forest, but not today. We also saw many interesting native plants along the 


Liisa Mobley

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