Just a brief update on the Armitage rd. drainage & prothonotary
warblers: the DEC division which looked into the drainage found no
violations occurred but another division will also assess the
situation. Alyssa Johnson from the Montezuma Audubon Center checked
the prothonotary nestbox there (she didn’t have a screwdriver to
open it so just peeked inside as best she could) & said it appeared
that there was a nest but no eggs or young were apparent. The nestbox
was pretty full of moss & since, according to Audubon literature, the
male adds a small amount & then the female fills the box almost to the
entrance hole w/more moss, leaves, twigs, & bark, it’s possible that
it was used for a nesting & that the young had fledged. Brad Carlson &
I had the 1st eBird report there this year on 5/6, a male (obviously
he could have been there prior to our sighting). Females typically
arrive a week or so later & since the incubation period is 12-14 days
but the nestling phase is only 10-11 days it’s possible that they
completed a nesting cycle. Let’s hope that was the case & not that
they abandoned the site. The last eBird report is 6/7. 
Kyle Gage


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