We have several huge cherry trees, volunteers from the academy orchard. loaded 
with cherries. Also have a mulberry tree with lots of ripe berries. Just 
realized I've not seen one starling in several wks. & only one blackbird. 
Usually when the cherries are ripe we have countless nos. of raiders  .... with 
evidence on the cars & house siding.  We have many large farms in the county. 
I've read that farmers are allowed to put out lethal bait for damaging birds.  
This lack of starlings makes me wonder why ... lethal bait or something else.
I noticed a molting skinny-necked sparrow & flicker yesterday.

Hundreds of ring-billed gulls have once again returned from their nesting areas 
to the north. They usually come back just after the 4th of July. People & 
children at Frontenac Park will have to beware of where they walk & play.

Fritzie B.


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