This evening, my husband and I found a Ruby Throated Hummingbird on our 
walkway. We think it flew into a window at the front of our house. It is still 
alive and has moved 180 degrees from where we found it. We’ve put a hummingbird 
feeder near it on the walkway and it seems to be licking at the sugar water 
around the feeder openings. If it were daytime, we’d call the Lab of O and see 
if there are any suggestions as to what, if anything, to do at this point. 

We’re concerned, of course, about a possible predator, and thought of putting a 
colander over the bird, but then the feeder couldn’t be near the bird. Any 
thoughts? Is this a lost cause? We felt we had to try.

Thanks for any suggestions,
Kathleen Kramer


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