I've been playing around with using the 3.x series of ccache to speed up 
Android builds (they by default use an old 2.x prebuilt copy) and have run into 
an incompatibility where I get 'unsupported compiler option' when the @file 
parameter is used. Android started using this extensively in Jelly Bean.

>From the documentation in 

Read command-line options from file. The options read are inserted in place of 
the original @file option. If file does not exist, or cannot be read, then the 
option will be treated literally, and not removed.
Options in file are separated by whitespace. A whitespace character may be 
included in an option by surrounding the entire option in either single or 
double quotes. Any character (including a backslash) may be included by 
prefixing the character to be included with a backslash. The file may itself 
contain additional @file options; any such options will be processed 

However any invocation of ccache where this is used in the GCC command line 
results in "Unsupported Compiler Option" with ccache 3.x:

[2012-07-11T12:02:49.208752 11127] Compiler option 
 is unsupported

ccache 2.x seems OK with this, but is probably computing incorrect command line 
hashes since it's not diving into the file to see the command line options 
within. Any advice for getting around this?

Andrew Boie
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