On 06/11/12 10:05, g....@free.fr wrote:
On my debian stable machine (x86 32 bits), I set sh as a symlink to dash and 
changed my script to emit SHELL='/bin/dash'
test is ok with 3.1.8 (ccache is statically linked to glibc in my 

I looked with checkbashims on test.sh git version and no warning is emitted.

Perhaps the problem was introduced since 3.1.8 then.

I can't say for sure because it was the first test run I did after upgrading to Ubuntu 12.10 that failed. I presumed that the default /bin/sh had changed, but it could equally be that the test.sh has acquired a bashism at the same time.

As far as I'm concerned, it's perfectly fine if the script only runs in bash. The shell is fairly ubiquitous, and test.sh is certainly not written in the paranoid style of configure scripts.

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