Jean-Dominique GASCUEL wrote:
> Dear ccache developers,
> I just started a fork to try to make ccache compatible with Visual C/C++
> compiler (cl), so one can use it with msbuild or nmake based projects...
> You can review the current state here:
> Current state:
>   - It starts to do something interesting. But more work is needed to
> handle specific options (.sbr files, debug options, etc.)
>   - I found the Travis stuff very interesting. But because Travis do not
> support windows, I am trying to make an AppVeyor similar stuff.
>  - There is probably issue about Visual vs. MinGW modes ... I did not
> start to investigate that.
> Any advices ?

We talked a bit about the Windows version and Appveyor,
You might want to look into those, even if about MinGW...

I suppose you have already seen other "inspired" work,
Even though those are in different languages (Python/C#)

The lack of autotools (i.e. no decent shell available)
is going to be something of a problem, in the long run.
The same goes for the test suite, that is also going to
need some thinking if it should work on "real" Windows.

Supposedly one could use something like CMake for this,
but there is a risk of making things harder on Unix...
Some other things can make you cringe, like the use of
/options or \\directories, but goes with cross-platform.

Think the ultimate question will be up to Joel to decide:

"Are you happy to have a windows branch in the official ccache repo ? 
and to merge it to the default trunk once it works great ?"

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