Hello Anders,

Thanks for the reply, and the links. I made small steps today:

- Uncrusify everobode and added a pre-commit hook so the space problems
should not araise anymore.
- I worked on the AppVeyor platform today:
     - I finally understood how to use MSYS2 to run autogen & configure
     - To use the Visual right compiler
... but are currently stuck because cl.exe does not understand C99
options that configure wants to try...
--> Question:
  - Do we really need a fully compliant C99 compiler ?
  - Is there a mean to tell configure that CL is good enough ?

Thanks again !

Le 13/03/2017 à 20:41, Anders Björklund via ccache a écrit :
> Jean-Dominique GASCUEL wrote:
>> Dear ccache developers,
>> I just started a fork to try to make ccache compatible with Visual C/C++
>> compiler (cl), so one can use it with msbuild or nmake based projects...
>> You can review the current state here: https://github.com/jd-gascuel/ccache
>> Current state:
>>   - It starts to do something interesting. But more work is needed to
>> handle specific options (.sbr files, debug options, etc.)
>>   - I found the Travis stuff very interesting. But because Travis do not
>> support windows, I am trying to make an AppVeyor similar stuff.
>>  - There is probably issue about Visual vs. MinGW modes ... I did not
>> start to investigate that.
>> Any advices ?
> We talked a bit about the Windows version and Appveyor,
> in https://github.com/ccache/ccache/issues/122
> and https://github.com/ccache/ccache/pull/69
> You might want to look into those, even if about MinGW...
> I suppose you have already seen other "inspired" work,
> like https://github.com/frerich/clcache
> or https://github.com/inorton/cclash
> Even though those are in different languages (Python/C#)
> The lack of autotools (i.e. no decent shell available)
> is going to be something of a problem, in the long run.
> The same goes for the test suite, that is also going to
> need some thinking if it should work on "real" Windows.
> Supposedly one could use something like CMake for this,
> but there is a risk of making things harder on Unix...
> Some other things can make you cringe, like the use of
> /options or \\directories, but goes with cross-platform.
> Think the ultimate question will be up to Joel to decide:
> "Are you happy to have a windows branch in the official ccache repo ? 
> and to merge it to the default trunk once it works great ?"
> https://github.com/ccache/ccache/pull/162
> /Anders
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