Hi Tim,

While I use Scalepack2mtz (not from the gui) all the time, Scalepack has the 
unfortunate feature that once Rsym > 1.0 it gets reported as 0.0.  Now that I'm 
exploring higher resolution limits along the lines of the recent Karplus and 
Diederichs paper (Science Vol. 336, pp. 1030-33 (2012)) I actually want a real 
number for this.

Scala reports Rmeas and Rpim but Scalepack does not 
Scala reports CC_IMEAN which I see from Materials and Methods in the Karplus & 
Diederichs paper is the same as CC1/2.

Since I do intend on exploiting data for which Rsym > 1, at least for this 
quite redundant F432 dataset I'm working with, I think these extra statistics 
are very useful.


From: Tim Gruene [t...@shelx.uni-ac.gwdg.de]

Hi Phil,

why do you want to use scala to merge the data? 

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