This looks like an output from SCALEPACK.  Unfortunately, one has no way to 
know from the output if 21 and 90 are strong intensities or not.  One cannot go 
by the I/sigmaI alone.  For example, suppose there is thermal diffuse scatter 
at these positions or perhaps there is a cosmic ray or radioactive decay 
(zinger) or a spot from a split crystal or the tail of a nearby streaky spot or 
other error during integrating of these Bragg reflections.

I recommend you look at
(a) neighboring reflections to get a sense of what a strong reflection value 
is.  Maybe it is 20,000 or more so that 90 would be a weak reflection, and
(b) the raw image itself at these reflection positions to see what the actual 
appearance of the pixel values in these positions are.


     0   0  17       2.4       2.0       1.2

      0   0  18      21.1       4.5       4.7

      0   0  19      90.2       6.0      15.0


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