Hi Lingyuan,

1) you're very lucky (but you already know that)
2) crystals grown quickly in bulk rarely diffract well. I would follow up
by a conventional droplet crystallization against a concentrating agent -
in the cold - such that your protein gradually concentrates from [X] to 2-3
times [X] and that should presumably give you crystals. Another option is
temperature-driven crystallization (if this is what is happening) in which
case a simple setup consists of a sitting or hanging drop plate inside a
closed styrofoam box that you set up at room temperature, then bring the
box (already closed) into a cold room - the box adds a considerable delay
factor. If you want to extend the cooling process even more you could place
a few Blue Ice packs in the box (again, at room temperature).


"protein crystals for breakfast, lunch, AND dinner"

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On Tue, Oct 18, 2016 at 6:41 AM, kiki <kiki-onl...@qq.com> wrote:

> Dear all users,
>  I got my crystals at the bottom of the tube on ice just before I started
> to screen crystals. Those crystals' shapes were good but easy to melt when
> I harvested them. I shot these crystals. They only diffracted to 7A to 8A.
> Has anyone ever met this situation before? How to improve?
> Thanks,
> Lingyuan

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