Dear V,

your map still looks quite poor and disconnected. Maybe you could improve your 
overall model before you worry about such detailed questions like main chain 
vs. side chain density.

If your resolution is not too poor, you could try rebuilding your model with 
shelxe, or buccanner, or phenix, or ...


On Thursday, December 01, 2016 02:35:21 PM Veronica Fiorentino wrote:
> Dear bb-ers,
> Is it uncommon to see side-chains for PHE/ARG visible in density but the
> main-chain density breaking (say within a beta-strand)? I have attached
> 1.FEM (map) 2&3. Experimental phase map. If I refine the model as Poly-ala,
> the side-chains appear green in difference map. I therefore assume that my
> sequence assignments are correct(?). Is this symptomatic of some big
> mistake?
> R/Rfree are around 27/32 % respectively. The phase problem was solved by
> SeMet phasing.
> Many thanks
> V[image: Inline images 1]
> [image: Inline images 2]
> [image: Inline images 3]
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