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Here are some options from Table 10.1 of this book chapter


Uses sequence profiles and solvent accessibility for residues and their neighbours


Zhou and Shan (2001 <>)



Metaserver using cons-PPISP, PINUP and Promate predictions


Qin and Zhou (2007 <>)



Consensus prediction from six different methods


de Vries and Bonvin (2011 <>)



Atomic composition, residue type and solvent exposure of a central surface residue plus its neighbours


Jordan et al. (2012 <>)



Considers a variety of structural, energetic, evolutionary and crystallographic parameters


Segura et al. (2011 <>)



I don't know if they are all still functional: unhappily there tends to be quite a high turnover of such servers

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Can anyone help me with a web serverĀ  or method for prediction of interfaces for protein-protein interaction?

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