Dear Careina,

If you do not have coordinates, what do you have then? A sequence alignment? In 
that case you can look at the %identity and %homology to see how well the known 
structure fits the unknown structure.

If you do have coordinates in some other format generated by some modeling 
software, you have to convert these coordinates into pdb format. Most modeling 
program do have a “save as” or “export” option to generate a file in pdb 
format. If that fails, there are also all kind of format converting programs, 
but then you need to tell us the format you have right now.


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Gesendet: Freitag, 2. März 2018 12:44
Betreff: [EXTERNAL] [ccp4bb] validating a homlology model

Dear all

What programs are best used for validate homology models? I know of molprobity 
but if there are no coordinates I cannot use it. Is there a way to use such 
programs with homology models?

Also I wish to use pdbepisa for to charaterise dimer interface but again for 
homology model this cannot be done as there is no PDB model. Does anybody know 
way to use PISA software on my own model that is not deposited in PDB?

Thank you in advance

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