Feel free to contact me about these things without using the CCP4BB list.

I am sending this to the list with as purpose that others might in the future refer people with questions about homology modelling to me. After all, although the possibility to build homology models is one of the important reasons for having structures deposited in the PDB, it is not at all related to crystallography in any way other than that both techniques try to get the most precise and accurate coordinates of (macro) molecules.


On 2-3-2018 12:44, Careina Edgooms wrote:
Dear all

What programs are best used for validate homology models? I know of molprobity but if there are no coordinates I cannot use it. Is there a way to use such programs with homology models?

Also I wish to use pdbepisa for to charaterise dimer interface but again for homology model this cannot be done as there is no PDB model. Does anybody know way to use PISA software on my own model that is not deposited in PDB?

Thank you in advance

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