Dear Niegel,
May be Shijun had to cancel his registration to the PhenixBB as I had to do 
since 2015 due to "too many bounces" whatever the email address I used, 
professional, yahoo or gmail ?... Has this been fixed at some point ?

All the best,Philippe
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 Objet : Re: [ccp4bb] phenix refinement about cis-proline

You can ask all the questions you like about Phenix on PhenixBB. However, to 
answer your question, you can set all peptides to trans using
or more specific control using
apply_cis_trans_specification {    cis_trans_mod = cis *trans    
residue_selection = None  }
to any number of peptides.
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On Thu, Mar 1, 2018 at 10:58 PM, 张士军 <> wrote:

Dear all    I am refining a structure which has cis-Pro and trans-Pro, the 
tans-Pro is gone when I set the "threshold degrees for cis-peptide " from 
default 45 to 65, but still has cis-Pro. While no significant change when I set 
it to 15. My question is how to set in phenix refinement to clear the Pro 
residues in cis- or trans- conformations.Best Regards shijun  


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