Dear all,

I am just switching from HKL3000 to DIALS for processing data collected at
EIGER detectors because it is too slow for the HKL300 to handle over 1000
images per dataset.

Our crystals are not perfect and you would expect split spots or spots of
multiple crystals in most cases. Sometimes we are lucky enough to extract
spots of one lattice by playing with the spot-finding parameters in HKL
3000 and find an solution during the index step (changing spot size, more
spots, fewer spots, restraining the resolution, etc.). However, it seems
very difficult to adjust these parameters in the dials.find_spots step of

The DIALS tutorial suggest checking the spots using "dials.image_viewer"
after the spot findin step. By inspecting the images, it seems that most
split sports were not included into the list of "strong spots" for
indexing. What options do you have during the step of spot finding
(especially fins strong spots for indexing) using DIALS?

Thank you in advance.

Yu Zhang
HHMI associate
Waksman Institute, Rutgers University
190 Frelinghuysen Rd.
Piscataway, NJ, 08904

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