A postdoctoral position is immediately available in the group of Jinrong Min 
in the Structural Genomics Consortium at the University of Toronto. My lab aims 
to characterize protein-protein, protein-DNA and protein-RNA complexes by X-ray 
crystallography in combination with other biochemical and biophysical 
techniques. More details about our research can be found at the  
http://www.sgc.utoronto.ca/Chromatin or 

Applicants should have a Ph.D. in structural biology, biochemistry, or 
molecular/cell biology with 0-3 years postdoctoral research experience.  
Interested candidates are invited to send their CV with 3 references to Dr. 
Jinrong  Min by email: jr....@utoronto.ca. 

 Jinrong Min 
Principal Investigator, Structural Genomics Consortium 
Associate Professor, Department of Physiology University of Toronto 
101 College St., Toronto On M5G 1L7, Canada 

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