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If you are interested in cryoEM The CCP-EM Spring Symposium is now live.  The 
meeting is similar in style and content to the CCP4 Study Weekend.

You can watch talks live using:

The full schedule is here:

Speakers include:
Mark Basham (Diamond)
Sacha de Carlo (Dectris)
Ana Casanal (MRC-LMB)
Peter Cherepanov (Crick Institute)
Paul Emsley (MRC-LMB)
Hans-Werner Fink (Zurich University)
Tim Gruene (Paul Scherrer Institut)
Nicola Guerrini (STFC)
Ben Himes (Janelia)
Arjen Jakobi (TU Delft)
Corinne Smith (University of Warwick)
Carlos Oscar Sanchez Sorzano (CSIC Madrid)
Chris Russo (MRC-LMB)
Beata Turonova (EMBL)
Giulia Zanetti (Birkbeck)
Kai Zhang (MRC-LMB)
Xiaodong Zhang (Imperial)

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CCP-EM team

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