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Subject: Re: Mark-8 opinion question

My opinion...build it right using a reasonable set of parts from the era or
just leave the boards alone.  I would be wary of winging it.


On Wed, Oct 12, 2016 at 10:56 AM, Brad H <
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> That's pretty much my attitude.  I would never even consider building
> these without correct, vintage parts.  And I can already see a number of
> show stoppers.. including the 8263s.  I have some of those but they're all
> 1977 vintage, which is okay for a clone but totally wrong otherwise.
Basically you're in the position of having to source all of the parts from
that boards year, or earlier.  Then buy solder from 1974.  When will it
end?  How perfect?  Then what do you have?  This subject has come up

If I was really into this project (I already have plenty!)...I'd make an
exhibit featuring the unpopulated boards next to a replica that is running
with a teletype..


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