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I've ever collected classic computers is because I've loved
playing with them. That's really all there is to it. I enjoy the sights,
sounds, and smells of firing up vintage computers and seeing them work.
Oh, I agree so strongly!

On the money front, as I said I've never been in this for the money.
There was a time when most of this stuff could just be had for free, and
that was fun! Going on rescue trips was a blast.
I'll never regret
driving down to LA from the Bay Area to rescue a PDP-11/34, or the time
that a bunch of us got togethr and picked up an 11/45 and an Imlac PDS-1
from Bill Gosper's house. What a time that was -- I didn't even keep any
of it, I was just there for the rescue and the camaraderie.
Oh, this part of your posting remembers me to interesting times that have passed without me realizing the point when that happened. I also remember the feeling when you find some stash full of interesting things. The dirt, cleaning, trucks and trailers full of gear. I liked it. But in the last years those opportunities are getting rare. My last real haul was in 2013 when I picked up some pdp8/e systems.
But who knows what will be...

And secondly, lately there's been a lot less of "firing up vintage
computers and seeing them work", and a whole lot more "carefully
replacing capacitors and praying that the vintage computer will still
fire up".  We've reached the point where the hardware I love is dying.
Hm, don't fully agree. Yes, capacitors can be nasty. But repair is a big part of the hobby.
When I fire up a machine, I always expect that it needs some repair.

Sometimes I thought of getting out of the hobby as well. It comsumes so much (partially rented!) space full of strange "scrap". And during the last years my life has moved on a bit, there's less time left.
On the other hand I always regretted badly when I let go something.
In the 1990s, I was about 17 and not yet in vintage computers, I put a fully working mint condition and complete Tandy 200, including power supply, manuals, original bag - to the trash can. I regretted that...

And the stuff you let go today, might never come back. Ok, QBus and newer stuff might have a higher availability.

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