On 10/13/16 1:37 PM, Noel Chiappa wrote:

     > From: Jim Stephens

     > The two bay 11/45 went for twice the bid, since it was listed as 2 pcs
     > @ 1500 each

Yeah, I couldn't quite work that out - did it mean there were two mostly
identical ones, and they only had pictures of one, or did it mean 'two racks'?


It means (as far as I can tell) "two items" where the items in this case are the two racks. You're buying the lot, but bidding on the cost of a single item. The TI 980B I got (https://grafeauction.proxibid.com/asp/LotDetail.asp?lid=32464722) was sold as three items (the rack, the printer on the small rack, and some weird readout on a rolling pedstal). No, it doesn't make an incredible amount of sense for some of this...

- Josh

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