I mentioned to someone else that that 747-400 simulator is, umm, "famous",


"Moussaoui allegedly received US$14,000 in wire transfers from bin al-Shibh, 
originating fromDüsseldorf and Hamburg, Germany, in early August. This money 
could have helped him pay for flight training about two weeks later at Pan-Am 
International Flight Academy in Eagan, Minnesota. On August 13, Moussaoui paid 
US$6,800 with US$100 bills to receive training in a 747-400simulator. The 
simulator that Pan-Am uses is operated by Northwest Aerospace Training 
Corporation (NATCO), a training facility affiliated with Northwest Airlines. "

On October 13, 2016 4:00:03 PM CDT, Dennis Boone <d...@msu.edu> wrote:
>> No, it doesn't make an incredible amount of sense for some of this...
>Considering how many cabinets full of computer equipment were labelled
>"avionics rack", it's clear the auctioneers had no clue what most of
>this stuff was.

Chris Elmquist

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