On 10/13/16 3:17 PM, Mike Ross wrote:

> Assuming you've installed this to an emulated disk... if you can chuck
> the disk image over to me there's a few things I could try... I have a
> 6085 running VP & Lisp images from Dave's MFM emulator.

I only have one emulator right now, and I've been busy dumping MFM

I did take a snapshot of XDE 5.0 though. I'll put that up on 

Today's project is trying to get Smalltalk installed. Minor detour getting a 
HxC floppy
emulator working correctly. It turns out OSX disk utility doesn't make a FAT32 
fs the HxC
understands, so I had to use Rufus on WinXP.

Also, if anyone needs it, I made a high resolution scan of the Xerox optical 
which is up under pdf/xerox/mouse

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