On 10/13/16 7:42 PM, Al Kossow wrote:

> from the VP install script:
> Request 6085 VP Standalone: Common Software
> Comment Installing Standalone Common Software...
> Online RD0
> Data User Standalone and Remote
> Data User Terminal Emulation Common Software
> Erase Scavenger
> Fetch Scavenger SetTimeDove.boot
> Set Physical Scavenger Y
> Set Boot Scavenger .
> Comment Installation of Standalone Common Software is complete
> Close

the other thing if there is a setTime tool is disable the hang at boot by 
setting the switch \200

\Initialize 6085 PCS with XDE and ViewPoint
Confirm Ready to start?
Online RD0
Set Physical CoPilot YYYY
Set Boot User Odu}\370
Set Boot CoPilot W    <-- \200
Boot CoPilot W <-- \200

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