> From: Jason Howe

    > I really really want to aquire a PDP-11 ... Given the price of these
    > things in the world right now... 

If you're willing to live with a QBUS machine, and not a UNIBUS one, it
doesn't necessarily take a mountain of money - if you're patient and wait for

I've bought 11/23 CPU boards for as little as $40 recently, and memory and
serial interface cards for console are on the same order of money. And I got
a BA11-S box, complete with power supply and backplane, for a little over
$100, IIRC.

The real hangup is mass storage; the older drives, at least, are all real
money now. I don't know about the later ones (from the uVAX era), those seem
to be cheaper, but I don't know anything about them. If Dave B and I can
get the QSIC project to the production stage, that would probably alleviate
that side.


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