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On Fri, Oct 14, 2016 at 10:33 AM, Noel Chiappa <j...@mercury.lcs.mit.edu> wrote:
   > From: Jason Howe

   > I really really want to aquire a PDP-11 ... Given the price of these
   > things in the world right now...

If you're willing to live with a QBUS machine, and not a UNIBUS one, it
doesn't necessarily take a mountain of money

Agreed.  I see Qbus PDP-11s offered from time to time for a few
hundred dollars down to free.  I'm helping someone restore a 42" cab
with a MicroPDP-11/73, a second BA23, RL02, RQDX3 (missing drives
because they were removed and destroyed prior to sale - a common
thing), TSV05 magtape, 10 serial ports... I think it was a recent
State Surplus auction that went for under $100.

Oh yeah, I'm not proud or picky here. I've actually eyed a number of the microPDP systems -- mostly from a standpoint of how much less room they take up.

I've bought 11/23 CPU boards for as little as $40 recently, and memory and
serial interface cards for console are on the same order of money. And I got
a BA11-S box, complete with power supply and backplane, for a little over
$100, IIRC.

No disagreement with those price points.  Those are the kinds of
numbers I see too.

The real hangup is mass storage; the older drives, at least, are all real
money now.

I actually randomly got an RD51 in an "Make these boxes of stuff disappear" pickup a couple years ago. I also have a couple good MFM drives out of various old PC's, so something with an RQDX3 really sounds ideal to me.

My budget and space are both super limited, so I usually end-up selling something before bringing something new into the house.

I admit I haven't been really active in my search recently, but always half an eye open for if something should pop up.


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