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On 2016-10-14 7:42 PM, Jason Howe wrote:
Came across this in the local craigslist today:


I don't know if this is of interest to the Big Iron IBM guys, but if
there's any interest from folks not in the Seattle Area, I'm happy to
help faciliate.

That is a 62PC I don't know of any 370 systems that used them, I think the
closed they came to a mainframe was they where used in the 8130 and
8140 systems.  There was also at least one in every S/38, in the later
days of
S/38 it was usually only one with the system microcode on it and it was
isolated from the rest of the disk storage because of their tendency to
suddenly.  I believe that 62PCs where also used in S/34 and Series/1.

I was going to say it didn't look like any S/370 drive I had seen. Its also
only the Head and Disk assembly (HAD) and if the spindle has been turned and
who wouldn't turn the spindle, its probably toast. It would make a nice
museum exhibit, provided it was donated, but I think $185 is optimistic...]


Interesting. I know nothing about older IBM stuff other than people say that it's a little hard to come by, hence why I relayed the find to the list -- just in case it was worth it.


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