"This was real. This was more real even than reality. This was
history. It might not be true, but that had nothing to do with it." -
Terry Pratchett "Wyrd Sisters"
On the other hand, the wood top for the Northstar Horizon was
plywood from Ashby Lumber.
On Sun, 16 Oct 2016, Chuck Guzis wrote:
Fred, you're forgetting the "People's World Computer", out of Berkeley,
I believe.  Wood case complete with brass plaque.  I had a chance years
ago to get one and I passed it up.
I still have the boot disk, however.

Don't know that one.

There was also "Community Memory" (Lee Felsenstein), which had a coin-op wood housed terminal, but the computer that it communicated with wasn't wood.

There were a LOT of tiny computer companies that got started in Berkeley, such as "Thinker Toys" (Morrow) and "Kentucky Fried Computers" (Northstar). Once they started to grow, they moved out of Berkeley as fast as they could.
(My business never grew that much)

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