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> On Oct 15, 2016, at 5:31 PM, Fred Cisin <> wrote:
>> On Sat, 15 Oct 2016, Corey Cohen wrote:
>> A few more things to note.  Assume the keyboard needs new foam, no big deal. 
>>  Check the wood to make sure it's not cracked.  And make sure you have the 
>> personality module included.
> Does the disk system include a boot disk?   Minus a few hundred, if not!
> What documentation comes with it?
> Some manuals, such as Digital Research CP/M manuals add only a little.
> But any original ProcTology (not the official nickname) manuals are to be 
> prized.  I've heard that a lot of that is now available online.
> NO idea about price(s).
> My first Apple2 was a home lashup where somebody put an Apple motherboard 
> into a Sol case, with an RCA membrane keyboard connected by a cable hanging 
> out the front.  He sold it to me for $150 when he finally got a "REAL" Apple2 
> in a REAL Apple case.   WHY did I give that away?
> Later, I was given a Sol-20, without disk drive.  After it had been hanging 
> around for years, I loaned it to a colleague, for him to try to get his 
> going.  But then, the college tried to FIRE him for, among other things, 
> retrieving computers from college dumpsters and having too much old computer 
> stuff.  The judge of the arbitration reversed the firing, but the college had 
> already dumpstered ALL of "that junk" from his office.
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> Grumpy Ol' Fred   

Boot disk is easy if it's a Northstar.  There are enough of us who can help out 
with that.  Micropolis are also easy.  I can also help if it's a Helios. 


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