On 01/13/2017 04:47 AM, Corey Cohen wrote:
So I have a friend who is originally from the U.K.   He has his old BBC micro 
from when he was a kid and wants to be able to use it here in the states.  His 
parents threw out his old TV in the U.K.

Is there a way to use a BBC Micro PAL version with a modern US LCD TV?  Do some 
brands of modern TVs support both NTSC and PAL? Let's assume he may need to 
grab video before the modulator.

Most RS-170 video monitors (plain composite video input) should be capable of syncing to monochrome video at PAL rates. The color scheme is pretty different, so color won't work, but I'm guessing that is not what the BBC provided.

MUCH more trouble to use an LCD TV, unless it has a composite input for some compatibility with old stuff. SOME LCD monitors may have this. If they do, rather likely they know how to sync to it. Some of those multi-purpose monitors that have 20 connectors on the back might be a good one to try, they try to support all formats and electrical interfaces.


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