On 7/4/17 7:53 AM, Noel Chiappa via cctalk wrote:
>     > From: Al Kossow
>     > You need moving air, though.
>     > I'm not sure how you do that well in a TK50 style cartridge.
> Hmm, maybe not? I start with the need for moving air - which I do not
> dispute, just wondering what the needed effect is. I don't think it can be
> removing out-gassed material, I think it has to be temperature leveling -
> making sure the heat from the heat source is spread evenly? So one probably
> doesn't need moving air inside the cartridge, _if_ its temperature is even?

This came from personal experience and was also told to me by someone very 
in baking 1/2" computer tape. The 'out-gassed material' is water, which has 
been absorbed
by the binder, which is hydroscopic.

When I initially built my processing chamber ten years ago, I didn't have any 
fans in
it, and the results were not good. I put 9 boxer fans into the bottom, forcing 
air across
the surface of the tapes, which are mounted on a bar and held vertically, and 
the sticking
reduced a LOT.

When I process QIC carts, I take the covers off so the reels are exposed in the 
food dehydrator that I use. I've never tried just putting them in without doing 

I'm skeptical that a TK50 would have been demagnetized by overtemp, the tape is 
much thinner
though, and I could see physical damage occurring if it got too hot.


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