On 7/7/17 12:08 PM, Paul Koning wrote:

>> And I'm moving towards flux-level archiving and away from using
>> stock tape transports.
>> But then, I've been saying that for 15+ years now and haven't done it.
> It would be great to have that capability, after the company that had it 
> before seemingly vanished.  Better yet if you can handle not just plain 7 and 
> 9 track 1/2 inch tape but also other formats.  3/4 inch tape would come to 
> mind (DECtape and friends).  There's one inch tape (CDC 626) though I'm not 
> sure if any has been preserved.  There's 1/2 inch 10 track tape 
> (Electrologica X1 and others).
> Stuff like error correction data makes sense for such low level capture.  
> It's not so obvious if you're working with a conventional tape transport, 
> which simply tells you "read error, you're SOL" if the checksums are no good. 

I guess you've tried contacting John then about the Xelctrologica tapes?

He sent me a prototype drive with 18-track (IBM 3480) head that I still haven't
gotten to work. Most of the code lives on a Virtex FPGA board with the A/D 
attached and he never gave me the source or adequate instructions on how to 
talk to it

This only works because the 3480 and 90 still used 1/2" width tape.

DECtape recovery hasn't been a problem. It's pretty rugged stuff.

I'm much less hopeful on any other parallel tape formats, since there are so 
few and the desire
to recover any of that has been low.

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