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> I knew most of the commands (starting with @) plus the options by heart,

@ == "Master Space"

UW-Milwaukee's first big system was a Univac 1106, which was traded in for
an 1100/80 after I left. Just picked up some operator manuals that came out
of UMD recently that I'm waiting to upload. Still remember the 1106's weird
console clock that counted in decimal seconds. A friend worked at the UMD
computer center, and he told me they ran their 1108 'blind' since Sperry
maintenance couldn't fix their console printer or Uniscope any more. They
ran the same batch jobs, and the operators knew what tapes to mount even
without the console prompts.

I spent most of my time at UWM in front of PDPs and BSD Vaxen there fortunately,
though. Half-duplex terminals were no fun


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