I'm looking for a PDP-8I acrylic Front Panel for my replica PDP-8I I'm
putting together.  I have a PCB board created by Vince and in between
Hospital stays I have been able to populate it.

The next step is to either locate a frame or to find manufacturing drawing
on the aluminum frame so I can make a wax male mold form to allow me to
cast the frame. As a last resort, if I can't find drawing or a frame, then
I will attempt to locate a PDP-8 that the owner will allow me to
disassemble, photograph & take measurements, then reassemble.

Using these I can then create the drawing to allow me to create the Wax
Mold Master.

As for the acrylic if you don't have a panel in stock and don't plan to
create a new order, would you consider placing the artwork into opening
source.  This will allow people such as myself the ability to take the
artwork to a silkscreen printer and have them create the screen prints to
allow for the print of a couple of panels. (When in doubt, creat a spare).

*Note*:  Not the cheapest way to obtain a Front Panel.

Thank you for your time and the work you have done on this project.


Ray Neal

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