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8 **S** Arrgh! The worst computer DEC ever made! It was a real speed demon, when compared to computers with vacuum tubes and drum memory!

The EE department had an 8S which I wish I could have gotten my hands on (UMR). I had both it and an 8I in the lab in the Materials Research Center building and ran a number of programs on both which matched, great run.

The 1949 rack under the 8S backplane is a tty controller, clock and power supply with attendant hoses to the backplane above.

I think that may be what you were asking about. I don't know much 8s history, but unlike the 8L and 8I which came with the backplane wired with a spot for the TTY, this may have been what you had to do to get a TTY attached. Or it may be an extra second device. Perhaps someone with more familiarity with the 8S backplane and options might know.


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