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> PDP-8s that was EBAY.. what  is  the other rack? Thought TTY inf. in  main
>  box?
>  type-Extremely-rare-/282485298792?hash=item41c56f9668:g:JBkAAOSwCU1Y4nfa
> We have an 8S in warehouse and will need to drag out and start  learning
> about it Clean it up and  get it on  display  -
> We have   CLASSIC 8  with plexi S/N #18    on  display already.
8 **S**  Arrgh!  The worst  computer DEC ever made!  It was a 
real speed demon, when compared to  computers with vacuum 
tubes and drum memory!

8s was 20 microsecond  cycle  time  compared to    classic  8 at  1.5 
microsecond? ( pulling  from ancient memories  in my head... correct em if  

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