Note that this produces the same result with either of the two disk drive connected however your suggestion is interesting. These two drives have the same age and some capacitors may become faulty simultaneously. I will analyze the hypothesis, thanks! I have an old hard drive (MEMOREX 102) with the same connector for the supply, i'm going to test the PSU with this other device.

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Hi all,

I continued my investigations about the power supply if the 8406 subsystem.
Here is what I observe:

With the PSU in charge, I mean with a disk drive connected but without the +24V 
+5V -5V +12V -12V: OK
If I connect the +24V to the drive this is at this moment than the power supply 
goes mad and sends erratic alternating
voltages to the + & - 5V and + & - 12v.
It sounds like something is wrong with the disk drives, probably a shorted 
capacitor on the drive.

If you apply a resistive load on the 24v does the supply still go crazy?

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