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    >> I have four “non critical” disks from this system – says 

    >> “Utilities”, “Norton Utilities”, “DOS SSSD” and “DOS 

    >> DSDD” that I will image next and use Dave’s conversion tool to get 

    >> them into the IMD format so I can view the contents.


   > Now that it is working this far, will IMD work directly?  Or is that still 

   > hung up?

   >I'd like to know which format those are in.

   >Earlier SCP?

   >later MS-DOS?

   >Do you know the dates of the disks?


OK, so this is interesting. Since the CW was working using the test previously 

I tried imaging the non-critical disks. None would read successfully. So, I 

everything to the other machine with the better floppy controller and IMD 

do much with them either using the “analyze” option. It read some tracks, but 
not all, 

and I got bored after about 30 tracks. They definitely are 512b sectors but the 

lengths were crazy (G1=210 and G2=255).


Either these disks have not successfully survived over time, or something else 
is up.

The system associated with these use a Tarbell DD controller which is based on 

WD1793 controller chip. I did take one of the Seattle disks and tried to read 
it and

I got the same results. I also have Teledisk but the results are similar.


As far as the dates, only the Seattle-labeled disks have dates on them 
(1979-1983). The

disks above just have handwritten labels with no details.


At this point I think I really need to get the controller working so maybe I 
can use an 

alternative method to backup the disks.





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