On 08/12/2017 05:30 PM, Richard Cini via cctalk wrote:

> OK, so this is interesting. Since the CW was working using the test 
> previously described, 
> I tried imaging the non-critical disks. None would read successfully. So, I 
> moved
> everything to the other machine with the better floppy controller and IMD 
> couldn’t
> do much with them either using the “analyze” option. It read some tracks, but 
> not all, 
> and I got bored after about 30 tracks. They definitely are 512b sectors but 
> the gap 
> lengths were crazy (G1=210 and G2=255).

This is where I'd suspect that the originals were written with a
mis-aligned drive.   I've run into this myself and have a drive reserved
for "tweaking" the alignment.  That is, it's not suitable for writing
disks as the alignment is fiddled with, depending on requirements.

Of course, disks written with a mis-aligned drive will read just fine on
the same drive.


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