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>> Any technical reason you used Teledisk instead of ImageDisk? Can
>> Teledisk do something with these disks that ImageDisk cannot?
> Imagedisk can't handle mixed sector sizes on a track.

I had forgotten about that. I vaguely remember running into that issue
working with some other HP disks, or .TDO images of HP disks. I
rebuilt a modified version of one of the ImageDisk tools from the
source code to work around the issue at the time. I don't remember the
details now.

Just found some notes on this from 5 years ago. At the time it was an
issue with TD02IMD.COM. For example TD02IMD.COM chokes on this disk
image with the "Cannot do mixed sector size within track" error:

I solved that at the time by modifying TD02IMD.COM to allow it to
simply discard the other sized sectors, which after taking a look
didn't appear to be necessary.

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