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> I won an auction down at Indiana University for an SGI Origin 2000 System
> and 19 racks.

19 racks! Quite a few.

> Trip was an adventure. Rented a 26ft Penske Truck which was a junkheap in
> itself. Off we went. My gf and her best friend went along and had a blast.
> 7 Hour drive down from Michigan to Bloomington Indiana. In a rainstorm at
> dark. Waffle House outside of Indianapolis made for a very nice night.

Sounds like a great roadtrip

> Got loaded up 9am yesterday morning. And headed home.
> Here are pics of the SGIs. And my gf's find an IBM Selectric II. Shes a
> typewriter lover.
> https://imgur.com/a/XzDXg

Looks like you have two CPU modules and one graphics module. Not a bad 
starter system.

> Plan now is to start rounding up parts to fix it. It seems mostly cosmetic.
> Goal is to have it fully operational by VCFMW.

That would be cool, do you know of nekochan.net? It's a fairly active 
SGI forum with several Origin/Onyx owners (myself included)

> Eventually this belongs on display somewhere.  I plan to get an inventory
> of everything this week.  and Im looking for any extra parts that anyone
> has for this.

Anything in particular? Looks like you have enough to get a system going.


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