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This list is all Books (down to and including pamphlets), no software included.


Adobe Photoshop for Macintosh, Version 3 (Classroom in a Book), 1994.

American Heritage Dictionary: 3rd edition for Mac. 32 pages.

Communicator 4 quick-study guide. Laminated folder.

DeltaGraph Pro 3 Users Guide, 2nd edition. 1993.

Excel 5.0 Advanced, Macintosh, student manual. Logical Operations. 1994.

Excel: Mastering Excel 5 for the Mac (An Insiders Guide). Thomas Chester and 
Julia Kelly. 1995.

Eudora Mail Pro, educational use. V. 3.0 user manual & quick reference guide.

FrameMaker. Using Framemaker release 5, Windows and Macintosh. 1995.

Inspiration user manuals. Getting Started manual. Idea book.

Netscape: Official Netscape Communicator 4 Book. Macintosh edition. Pił James. 

Now Up-to-date and Now Contact (user manuals). (Two different versions, to 
match the two different versions on disk we have, I imagine.)

Office: Getting Started.

The On-line Research Handbook. Hayden Mead and Andy Clark. 1997.

Port Replicator: Users Guide. 1999

PowerPoint: Using PowerPoint 4 for Macintosh. Que, 1994.

Quicken version 5.: Users Guide for Macintosh Perform Users.

Quicken 5 for Macs for Dummies. Stephen L. Nelson. 1994.

The Student’s Guide to Doing Research on the Internet. Dave and Mary Campbell, 
Addison-Wesley. 1995.

vi: Learning the vi editor. Linda Lamb, O’Reilly & Associates, Ltd. 1990.

Word: The Macintosh Bible Guide to Word 6. Maria Langer. “Includes Power Macs.” 

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