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This list is all Software. Some of it appears to match the books in the 
previous list, which is why this is titled round 10B - if you are interested in 
one of these, let me know to look for the matching manual (if I have it).


Adobe Acrobat 4.0, education version
Adobe Photoshop 3.0, 8 disks

DeltaGraph Professional for Macintosh. 3 disks. 1991.

DeltaGraph Pro 3. 1994. 4 disks.

EarthLink Sprint Internet Access Software: Total Access 2.0, Mac or Windows, 
with a book called “Getting the Most out of the Internet,” third edition, for 
new users of the EarthLink network, including such information as how to use 

Framemaker release 5 (for Macintosh). CD-ROM disk, quick reference, Introducing 
Frame Maker, Installing FrameMaker

Inspiration for Macintosh. V. 4.1a Two disks. 1988-1994. Also 4.1c Updater.

Kensington Mouseworks QuickStart, plus disk, v. 5.04.

MacWorld present Click art disk

Norton Utilities v. 4.0, education

Now Synchronize. 2 disks. For Palm Pilot and Mac.

Now Up-To-Date, and Contact. V. 3.5 for Macintosh. 3 disks. 

Now Up-to-Date. 1993. (probably later than the other one? Looks more 

Now Contact, 1993.

Ohio Distinctive Software: Executive Diet Helper, Weight Loss Planner, Menu 
Planner (Macintosh), 1994

Sad macs Utilities, the official companion disk for Ted Landau’s book, Sad 
Macs, Bombs, and Other Disasters. 1996.

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