Lucky snatch, especially the Tru64 boxes (envy)

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Inviato: martedì 13 marzo 2018 08:54
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I know of 3 desk side DS's, one was fully operational before going into 
storage, all ran when I got them.

boxes of new Tru64 still shrink wrapped, and a binder full of keys for > 20 


On Mon, Mar 12, 2018 at 9:25 PM, Benjamin Huntsman via cctalk <> wrote:

> Place your wagers...
> How many more years do you think it'll take before decent, 
> practical-sized Alphas, like the DS15, and to some degree, the DS10, 
> will be obtainable at hobbyist-friendly prices?
> I have an ES47 I got for a price I could stomach, but it's sans rail 
> kit, drinks power like it's going out of style, and can anchor a 40-ft yacht.
> Anyone out there do Alphas anymore?

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