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Should be fun.
Is the FDC a 765 variant?
or a WD 179x variant?

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SMC 37C651.  Supports  500 Kb/s, 300 Kb/s and 250 Kb/s Data Rates.
Something else we lost with the PC.

That's a 765 variant.  Made by several companies, even WD!
Most of those can handle FM/"single density".

5.25" single density is 125K bps
It might support it,> Should have left it the way it was and have people set the Drive Select

in spite of not mentioning it.

All the P112 boards I distributed use a FDC37C665IR super-IO chip from SMC. I don't know which variant David Brooks used. I never acquired one made by him. In case anyone wants more P112s, it's that chip that's the big sticking point for why I don't have anymore. The board stuffer's robots had problems dealing with pulls. The legs had to be absolutely perfect, so I had to get new-old-stock chips. I've recently discovered how to do a good job of soldering QFPs by hand, so maybe I could work that angle.

The weirdness of the how the floppy drive cabling works with the P112 had me baffled for the longest time. Terry and I thought it would be best though to just leave those quirks alone when it came time to update the firmware.

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