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>> It would be fun to do a "generalized Moore's Law" chart, showing not just 
>> transistor count growth (Moore's subject) but also the many other scaling 
>> changes of computing: disk capacity, recording density, disk IOPS, disk 
>> bandwidth, ditto those for tape, CPU MIPS, memory size, memory bandwidth, 
>> network bandwidth...
> This is the most telling I've seen in a long time...
> https://danluu.com/input-lag/

Nice.  It would be interesting to throw in some even older systems.  One that 
comes to mind is PLATO.  I don't remember exactly what it delivered for 
response time, there were good test results on it.  Somewhere in the 100 ms 
range, I believe, much of which was transmission delays due to low baud rates.  
And that was with 600 users, sharing a quad processor 4 x 10 MHz machine, in 


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