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OK  I  see there is a  mix  of  photos in this  directory!
some  tape  reader  some  drum  2  separate  topics.

Ed, I don't know if you (or anyone else) can see this, but there's two junk 
characters at the end of every word you write.  I see it in Alpine and it makes 
your text nearly unreadable. :)

You mean "=C2=A0" ? Ed's mail has a Mime encoding "quoted-printable", not sure why. If your mail reader doesn't know how to handle Mime headers, you'd see those encoding markers as actual text rather than as the character they are supposed to represent. C2 A0 is UTF-8 for "non-breaking space" which explains why many others haven't noticed anything odd.

There's no rational reason to MIME encode the *body* of an email, unless of course they're using some badly written horror show that thinks HTML and embedded graphics are perfectly acceptable. (Those people tend to top-post as well, so they're basically irredeemable at that point. :) )


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