On Thu, 17 May 2018, Ed Sharpe via cctalk wrote:
yep we see them?? but?? ??we?? did not?? type them intentionally????


may way to adjust?? your?? mail reader reader as?? they do not?? show up in?? 
??any of the?? mail readers?? we have access to.

If your email program is crapping, it is not the responsibility of everybody else to "adjust" their mail readers to filter out the crap.
This group has been remarkably tolerant of NON-ASCII content.

Many already have configurations that do such filtering, and are not seeing all of the mess.
Others just assume that your mail client, or your keyboard is BROKEN.
Would cleaning the contacts of your space bar reduce the bounce and noise it produces? Perhaps also repair the rest of the punctuation keys, if the keyboard has any, and at least one of the shift keys.

That is assuming that it is a keyboard, and not a telegraph key, nor OCR of crayon drawings. OTOH, if the keyboard in question consists of a xerox of a Timex/Sinclair, then you are to be commended for getting output that is so close to being text.

"My handwriting is so bad that even my typing is illegible."

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